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The Process

Korden Design undertakes the complete service of Concept to Building Permits. All regulations covered and permits are covered.

Korden Design has been servicing the Casey community and Afield for over 25 years and is focused on delivering a quality service.


Custom Design

Korden Design is an award winning company providing individual design to make the most functional space and design, whether it be your dream home, to your specific commercial/industrial requirements.


Korden Design has it covered

With over a quarter of a century of experience in this field, Korden Design offers an end to end experience, delivering a seamless service from concept to building permits.


Getting started on your new project

As you may have discovered, it can be very difficult to get started when building new or extending your existing residence. As with all aspects of building or extending, it is also beneficial to understand what it is you are getting in regards to house plans. As we always say to people "time spent planning is money saved in building", so it is prudent to ask the right questions in achieving the best result.

Things to look out for when selecting a Building Designer;

All of the above are questions needed to be considered at this point. The first three are simple yes or no, the level of service it the main variable from practice to practice. The most common elements required to achieve a building permit besides the construction drawings include;

There are many other elements that you may required such as Framing/ Bracing plans, Landscape Designs, Town Planning submissions etc. These elements are site specific so until further information is available they are an indeterminable.

As with any industry, the level of service and professionalism will vary between Building Designers. It is important to do your homework and select an accredited firm who will provide you with the level of service and quality required to make your project run smoothly. It is also important to stick to a budget. It isn't uncommon to receive quotations based purely on basic plans without any associated documentation and consultants fees required. Ask your practitioner what the total cost will be to achieve a Building permit for your project as this is your ultimate goal.